The specialist for wheels
In all modesty: Brielmaier is rightly regarded as an absolute specialist in the field of wheels. Nowhere else do you get so much quality and so much choice for such different requirements. If you don't know what you need yet: Your dealer would be pleased to advise you.

Aluminium sprocket rolls

Our patented classic combines maximum grip with minimum ground pressure – the reference for extreme applications. Available in three diameters, five different widths and with plastic studs or steel tips.


Our most recent addition to the family: The Flexispike wheel is an extremely robust fabric tube with screwed-on spikes. These provide significantly more grip on stony ground and have a damping effect. The flexispikes are available in three different widths and with a diameter of 504 mm.

Click here for the Flexispike website

Terra tyre

Even with us, it doesn't always have to be extreme. With gentle slopes and in simple municipal use, you can travel reliably to your destination with rubber Terra tires.

Single wheel

Wheels with pneumatic tyres are particularly suitable as twin tyres and for frequent changes between meadow and road in combination with different sprocket rolls. Different distances and adapters are available here for easy adaptation.